Independence Day Celebration – July 4, 2018

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Jumptown Big Band will be performing Wednesday July 4th 11:30am to 1:30pm in Sublimity, Oregon at Marian Estates for an Independence Day Celebration. This event, open to the public, will be an exciting afternoon of music, games, refreshments, and general family fun. Marian Estates is a one of a kind senior living community built on a foundation of family, uncompromising care, and integrity. The Marian Estates community is a wonderful group of people and we are honored to be asked to perform for their celebration of our nation’s birthday. Come celebrate with us!

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  1. Jumptown Big Band says:

    By Richard Leppig

    It might have been a bandstand in Brooklyn in the 1940s, or any other picnic grounds or park during the swing years when proud Americans gathered to celebrate our 4th of July anniversary but this 4th of July happened right here at Marian Estates when the Jumptown Big Band set up their music stands and took us back for two hours of jazz and swing. Yes, there were hot dogs and there was pork ‘n beans which was great but we came for the music. Well, at least I did, when Eunice rousted me up at the crack of noon and I heard some odd sounds coming through my window. It was very organized noise, very precise, chorded, one might say, almost musical. Wait, it was musical, lots of notes jamming together at intervals and then recombining seconds later, with a conscious rhythm behind them, then leading them into melodies that were both primitive and haunting and yet magnetic, drawing me towards their source. Eunice, always the pragmatist said, “You’d better put some clothes on,” which I did before grabbing my walking stick and shuffle-walking (of a sort) out to the improvised grandstands. Dang, no empty seats! I dared not attempt to dance and risk the trombones and trumpets in front blasting me off my feet. Again, for the umpteenth time, Eunice saved the day by bringing me a chair and some picnic vittles. By now I was swept away by the songs, Sing Sing Sing, Old Black Magic, Opus One, and more. Unluckily for my neighbors, I knew all the lyrics and was a skosh too willing to share. Then a plan immerged; only one thing to do. When the band bus returns to Portland, I must be on it. I’m certain I could survive the trip, the problem, getting myself stowed away. I can barely fit my 6’ 5” frame (and expanding as we speak) into an airplane without near-fatal cramps. Once we reach Portland, I would gladly pay just to sit in at their rehearsals. But first, how to give Eunice the slip. All this came to a crashing halt when I learned there was no band bus and the members all flew in on their own private planes. CORRECTION: I’m told they drove down in their family autos; nobody even used Uber or Lyft. Well, so much for romance. Thank you, Marian Estates and PhotoBomb Sheri, and especially to the Jumptown Big Band for that fantastic booster shot of memories from when my kind of music dominated. God bless the U.S.A.

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